Festival FAQ

Covid Policy for John Hartford Memorial Campout

“Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground” is dedicated to continuing to be cautious and protecting the wellbeing of their campers and guests during the upcoming campout. They will continue to follow all of their Festival Health Procedures and Guidelines moving forward. The complete guidelines can be found on their website: BillMonroeMusicPark.com 

Some of the highlights include: 

A safe 10’ barrier will be around the stage. 
Wearing a face mask is highly recommended when near others not in your group even though the state of Indiana mask mandate has been lifted. 
Wearing a face mask is important in these areas: restrooms, food vending, jam circles and any indoor area, making everyone feel more comfortable. 
Allow for social distancing when choosing your seating area in the concert area. Please do not sit in chairs belonging to others or leave items unattended.  
Chairs will need to be removed each night from the concert area. 
There will be designated golf cart parking. 
Pavilion will be designated as eating only. 
No smoking or vaping in the designated concert area. 

Most of all, please be kind and courteous, we are all in this together and want to have the best campout experience for everyone. We look forward to seeing everyone gather at the park this year.

When Do Tickets Go on Sale?

There will be tickets sold to the 2021 John Hartford Memorial Campout. Camping reservations are required to attend.

How do I get my band booked to play?
Drop us a line!

Where is the festival located?
Bill Monroe Music Park And Campground
5163 SR 135 N. Morgantown, IN 46160

*Your GPS may have a difficult time finding the town of Bean Blossom, IN
Click Here to visit our Directions Page

Who do I call about camping at the festival?
Camping questions may be answered by visiting our camping page. or by calling the campground at (812) 988-6422.

When can I show up?
N/A at this time.

What are the gate hours? What if I arrive really late/early?
N/A at this time.

I'd rather not camp on site, do you suggest a local hotel?
Please visit our friends at our host hotel The Brown County Inn
They are located just a few miles away in Nashville, IN.

Do I get my money back if it storms?
This festival is rain or shine. No refunds. Come prepared for all four seasons.

What about, showers and dirty clothes?
Coin operated hot showers and laundry is available. 

Where is the closest place to get supplies and groceries?
There is a park store at the entrance to the festival and a Dollar General just across the road. Nashville, Indiana, has lots of shopping and is just six miles down the road.

Can I empty my RV holding tanks on site?
The park has dump stations for RVs.

May I bring my own golf cart or ATV?,
Yes, you may bring your own golf cart. In order to provide a safer environment for all festival attendees and campers, ATV’s and/or 4-wheeler’s will not be allowed into the campground. A limited number of golf carts (both two and four passenger) will be available to rent onsite from the campground. If you would like to reserve a golf cart you must call the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground at (812) 988-6422. Check our Guidelines page for our golf cart policies.

May I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, as long as you are 21+. Over intoxication may result in your removal from the premises. We will have a full bar on site and you must be 21+ to consume alcohol in Indiana.

May I bring my dog?
Good dogs are allowed and must be kept on a leash at all times. If your pet is disruptive you will need to remove them from the public. We expect you to pick up after your pet. 

What if I  lose something?
Lost and found will be at the artist merchandise tent. 

What about recycling?
We are a green festival. We know all too well the benefits that come from recycling. Keep checking back for more updated info.

I'd like to volunteer!
Keep checking back for info.

What will be going on besides concerts?
N/A at this time.

If you have any additional questions please drop us a line by using the contact section of this web site.


We have earned the title, “The Most Laid Back Festival in America” for a reason. This is the one festival where your entire family and pets, can gather in peace and ease. We have a good vibe feeling to go with our great music so here are a few basic guidelines we can all do that will ensure everyone has a great time.

Share the air- Smoking is a privilege, not a right. Fresh air is a right, so please, everyone, respect the air space of your non-smoking friends. Due to the close quarters in our tent stage area  smoking is prohibited under the big top.

Speaking of air space- for the safety and privacy of our campers, the use of drones during JHMF is strictly prohibited except by our authorized photographers.

Please, no glass allowed in the concert areas. This is a long standing rule of the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground and is for your safety.

Festival chair etiquette-  Due to Covid-19 you must remove your chairs every night. Please sit only in your own chairs unless invited.

Recycle- Keep up the good work and use the bins and bags provided for all recyclables. Hey, rather than walk around or step over that trash on the ground, why not pick it up and put it in the can! Green and Clean leads to feeling really good! Yep, cigarette butts are litter too.

Friendly pets are to be kept on a leash at all times. Please pick up after your pet so nobody steps in it!

Alcoholic Beverages- Consumption by anyone under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. Over indulgence will not be tolerated and could result in removal from the property.

Illegal Substances are not allowed anywhere on the festival grounds.

Golf carts are not to be operated by anyone under age 16.
Operating a golf cart or any other vehicle while under the influence or in a wreckless manner on festival grounds is strictly prohibited and could result in removal from the property. Headlights must be used on golf carts from dusk till dawn.


The physical location of the festival is:
5163 SR 135 N, Morgantown, Indiana
5 miles north of Nashville, IN on SR 135 (Bill Monroe Memorial Hwy)

The park is located on state highway 135 between Morgantown and Nashville, IN. There are two town’s in Indiana named "Bean Blossom". Make sure you are going to the correct one!
Click Here for Google Map Directions.

The GPS Coordinates are as follows.
39°16'11.8"N 86°14'60.0"W
Click the link below to download the campground map as a PDF file.